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Adjusting the water height of Toilet Ballcocks
2013-10-10 22:36:54

Adjusting the water height of Toilet Ballcocks

The ballcock without float is made of plastic, which is a newly innovative product in toilet tank tank fill valve.

How it Works: 
These units are making use of a diaphragm pressure sensing mechanism which instead of the float one, that is used for adjusting the water lever in the toilet tank.

The original design was for the low profile/ low flow toilet tanks in the 1990’s. these kinds of fill valves are usually cheap and the record for the reliability is spotty.

The fill valve without float is linked to the bottom of the tanks and operated under the water. It becomes aware of the water pressure and also exhaust the water by a refill hose into the top of the overflow tube when the tank is refresh and the water lever is empty in the tank. Because of the water level in the tank arises, the ballcock without float keep transpirating till the water pressure sensing mechanism fixes the water level which is reach the suitable height and next to the fill valve.

toilet Ballcock Adjustment:
If you want to adjust the fill valve, you can turn an adjustment screw simply which is on the top of the valve. And if you want to raise the water level, please just turn the adjustment screw in the clockwise direction. However, if you want to reduce the water level, then you should turn it in the couter-clockwise direction.

The refill hose should not be plugged into the overflow tube. Moreover, it should be upon the over tube and transpirate the water in a directly way into the overflow tube.

In condition, the overflow tube should be lower the height of the toilet tank handle which bring the flush valve into operatiom and release the water. 

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