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Free toilet dual flush conversion kit
2013-10-25 00:07:30

Free toilet dual flush conversion kit


One of the most frustrating, but privately discuss homeowners think when the toilet doesn't flush it all. However, a toilet is dependent on the most necessary and water.

We received a conversion free toilet of this circular box recently. The kit is usually $25,but from now to March 24th, the total cost of the kit is only $10 shipping.

If you are looking for an upgrade affordable way and turning your existing toilet into ahigh efficiency dual flush toilets, you find the transformation of the world's most trusted toilet box. The Pro is a dual flush by professional owner for the whole world.According to the dual flush:

he overall savings will depend on your bathrooms age. If you have an old toilet,and like most of us, a 5 gallon tank, your deposit will shock you. Any new tanks,say 3.5 or 1.6 gallon, will save more than entity.

Research shows that, dual flush flush water saving by 68 cents in single family residential, 56 and 52 cents of office, lounge, restaurant. The total water depends on the frequency of use (for example, coffee shop registered 143 blunt day average). This also explains why this revolutionary new product start saving your money from a day of installation.

A dual flush toilet installation is the simplest and most cost saving water andeffective method to reduce the use of cost. A few months you will be inter estedin, according to the cost and whether you want to install or to do their own. If you have the basic tools needed, or can get comfortable, the following steps, simple steps, you'll see your return on investment is much faster. If you love a dual flush clothing professional installation, please local plumbers do; should not exceed the basic telephone service.

In order to save money, save water, protect environment; put your toilet with adual flush Pro conversion kit today. You wait for a longer time, benefit.


To save money, save water, protect environment; put your toilet with a dual flush Pro conversion kit today. The longer you waitless, benefit.

Repair the water leakage in the Environmental Protection Bureau of honor of the week (182013 March) and the World Water Day 2013, double conversion toile t box provided free of charge to the United States residents. They will be any where within the ship, the United States, flat rate shipping fee of $10, per box. The extra cost,can apply to the Alaska and Hawaii imports.

This is the way they help keep the most valuable natural resources for our, fresh water.

Provide from February to March 24, 2013 only eighteenth. 1 sets of each residential.

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