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How Dual Flush Toilets Work
2013-10-20 22:47:55

How Dual Flush Toilets Work

Do you ever thought about how much water to brush your teeth, take a shower? Visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency Water Sense webpage play: test your awareness of water project! Game.

To effectively wash? Austen, Texas, has purchased some suggest alternative low flow toilets. It must be washed at least 350grams of success. This is described as a slightly larger than a medium size of potatoes.

The Future of the American Flush: High Efficiency Toilets

1994, the national energy policy act was signed into law. It requires no more than 1.6gallons of toilet sales in the United States (6 liters) per square [source: green life]. This authorization protection has risen to a new high efficiency toilets generation (HETS)technology, the use of pressure assisted,gravity irrigation and dual flush away waste use as little water as possible. New technology, dual flush method has advantages of direct flushing, the operator can decide the election, need less water and use a gallon (3 liters) or less per flush maximum instead of 1.6 gallon.

Although the purchase of new construction and renovation of toilets must comply with the new standard, the old water millions of consumption toilet still exists. Water and sewage treatment costs continue to rise,low flow toilets have become American consumers are more attractive, and local and state governments use tax rebates and tax incentives to encourage families to bring these new technologies.

Low flow toilets to save water and reduce is obviously on the local water treatment facilities demand. According to USA today,ordinary people flush the toilet every five to eight times, and rinse in a greedy five gallons of water, the number began to increase rapidly [source: winter]. According to the environmental protection agency, to eliminate the old style, high water consumption toilet can save approximately 2000000000 gallons of water, every day in the United States . With the growth of population, the aging of the population water treatment facilities and global warming potential threat of climate of uncertainty, to save water is a big problem.

How the dual flush toilets and into this picture? Who also don't know the exact situation. The main toilet manufacturers are stepping up efforts to provide these water-saving toilet, but whether the American public will accept them the way they are close to their bathroom habits change remains to be seen.

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