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How To Install A Dual Flush Conversion Kit
2013-10-24 23:47:17

How To Install A Dual Flush Conversion Kit

I went to war in recent efforts to transform himself at the age of 23 with a new, dual flush conversion kit. The toilet won a few battles, but I won the war, that is the most important!

It all started with a broken flush handle. I put the inside of the lid to look to replace the handle assembly and decided it was time to and a new set of courage, the old toilet for work.

This DIY TOILE TANK FITTINGS actually do things myself most of the time what I write. By default, finally I will give a little insider information problems and abnormal, may occur in the project I,this project is no exception.


I went to the Home Depot  getting a total toilet to repair kit and saw a dual flush conversion kit. Thousands of gallons of water for the typical homeowner  can be saved by using  a dual flush toilet over the course of a year.

Because of their water-saver calculator,  about 5,800 gallons of water can be saved for us from this one toilet conversion. That comes out to $76 per year that would have been wasted due to flushing 3.5 gallons (toilets made prior to 1994) every single time rather than choosing the single flush option 4 out of the typical 5 times in any given day.

As far as i am concerned, it's wise to spend some extra money to the converter box and save more dollars than to buy a repair kit, no double flush option.

theHydroRight was The kit I purchased. The package info touts a quick, painless conversion (or replacement) and no tools are necessary.It also mentioned, Mansfield will need to have a standard flush valve installed in kit's work. What kind of room? You guessed it......Mansfield,that is sure.


I caught the flushing a standard valve box,and. Now I'm in a bill of around $33 a pack of two. I can also save more than with low water bill, so I have I also participated in this project. Remember, a new handle was what i originally needed.

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