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How To Install a Standard Flush Valve
2013-10-24 23:48:45

How To Install a Standard Flush Valve       

Two sets in the hands of my weekend, this is the beginning. This is the standard parts,how can I change my water pig, Mansfield became a smart toilet:

        clean the toilet and area surrounding it thoroughly .

        the water  should  be turned off to the toilet. There is a valve just below the tank behind  the toilet on the wall (yours may be on the floor).

        Flush the toilet, grabbing a large sponge and the bucket and the rest of the water in the tank.Please trust me, Do you want it for. Otherwise,you will be in a few minutes the wet floor. It is assumed that you have two toilet. If you have a whole John, I do not have such experience.

        Disconnect from the water filling valve. It is at the bottom of the tank. Sop up the water,hit the ground. You want to have a dry floor when you reconnect the water and the seat of the tank in the bowl. It found that leakage,it is easier to.

        Achieve in the toilet and remove retaining pot bowl of nuts. Very simple, if you have a(deep) socket wrench and your biggest, flat head screwdriver is the longest, are you sure bolt also when you ratchet nut loosening.

        Lie down, soft towels on the floor on the restroom door. It will make your floors cratching and absorb any residual water leaking out of the.

        Make the tank removed and lay it on the floor over the towel. You can lay it on its’ back or side, whichever is easiest for you to work with.

To remove the black rubber pad, sponge from the bottom of the water tank cast. There should be a new in the new flush valve box,you just bought.

From the plastic nut flush valve screw old big (bottom slot). You can hand it, but if not,you can put your screwdriver in the angle of the front and pat it (counterclockwise) and your hand or a hammer. It should take you off hand way.

Put these old flush valve from the center of the tank in the dustbin. You get all the new parts and you don't want to mix with the old and new parts.

Follow the installation instructions to flush valve and the new standard of your. Hand tighten the nut on the new flush valve, but very comfortable.

Will the new flush valve, an overflow pipe is located about ten points or two points,depending on the handle of the tank edgeat.

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