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How Toilets Work
2013-10-20 22:44:10

Flushing mechanism

The purpose of the tank is like a water bucket. You must get enough water into the bowl fast enough to start the siphon. If you try to do this, use the ordinary house water pipes, water will not come soon enough --siphon will not start. Therefore, the tank as a capacitor. It has several gallons of water, it takes about 30 to 60 seconds of accumulation. When you flush, the water in the water pour into a bowl, about three seconds -- equivalent to pour into a bucket of water.

There is a chain connected to the side of the water tank. When you push the handle, the chain, which is attached to the flush valve.Chain will flush valve, then came out of the way, reveals a 2 inch (5.08 - 7.62-cm)diameter drainage hole. Found the hole to let the water into the bowl. In most of the toilet bowl, already formed, so that the water into the ring, and some of it drains from the edge of the hole. Part of the water flow to a large hole in the bottom of the bowl. This hole is called siphon jet. It released most of the water directly into the rainbow straw.Because all the water in the bowl into the water in about three seconds, which is enough to fill and activation of the siphon effect, and in a bowl of water and waste out of all.

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