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How do you replace a seal under a toilet?
2013-10-20 22:42:16

How do you replace a seal under a toilet?

This is a very good to do their own projects,because it is not difficult, you can prevent damage if you replace the seal will, instead of waiting for a plumber. You may take a bit of knowledge and some simple steps to do tasks.

Seal, in the toilet at the bottom, stay on the floor there is a toilex wax ring, You can buy are placement in the hardware store.

Can prevent damage to the floor and the floor of the sealing cheap...... Expensive items if the leakage is not repair the repair.We must do this operation when the temperature is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the soft wax.

If you change the water leakage of the seal in an existing toilet, you should wear rubber gloves and Part 1; if you install a toilet in the new building, jumped to 2.

 Part 1

1.Be sure to turn off the water. You may do it in the bathroom, but you may need to crawlspace or basement, cut off the water.

2.The toilet one or two cans, bowl.

3.Sponges and eliminate the remaining in the tank and the water in the bowl

4.Remove the cover, the base of the bowl on the floor.

5.Remove nut. You may need to use permeable oil forceps.

6.Disconnect the water supply line.

7.Gently shake the toilet and break the seal ant to put forward any. Use note holding bowl instead of tank. 8.If you catch tank, you can break the tank, it is bolted to the bowl.

From two with the removal of the old seal remains surface. To 2.

Part 2

1.Open a new wax sealed, placed in the round edge of flange on the floor, to focus entirely on open. We must ensure that the bolts in place.

2.The toilet on the flange and sealing, the toilet the same.

3.Sitting on the toilet to help new sealing the sealing.

4.Ensure that the bowl level.

5.Replace nut removal. Hand tighten the nut,so as to avoid the cracking of the base of the bowl.

6.Connecting pipe line.

7Turn on the water to fill the tank. You can put the water supply way for tank filled with low pressure. This will take longer, but part way is helpful to prevent the dreaded "who just rinse?" From another member of the family could burn a shower in the upwelling of cold water to the toilet tank.

8.Rinse and check for leaks.

9.The application of silicone to bowl and floor junction.


10.washing With antibacterial soaps.

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