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How to Install a New Toilet Seat
2013-10-20 23:08:39

To take measures. The oldtoilet seats or seat fastening bolt installation center measurement that the change would be a good fit.

Most modern toilet installation hole size and spacing are standard, such as the width of the seat (small changes). The most important thing is to know if your seat is "round" or"Oblong". The wheel seat about 16 inches from the front to the back, and the rectangle is about 18 inches of the top 2.

Plastic parts with a slotted screwdriver pry the cover bolt head.

The use of a flat head screwdriver at the same, unscrew the plastic bolt location's old seat. Usually have a plastic nut on the bottom, you need to use your other hand to remove the toilet seat cover  bolts or pliers.


make the old seat removed.

Clean the places where the bolts were and  make it  dry thoroughly

If the new seat with a rubber pad, remove the cover from the adhesive to the seat in place.

Screw the new bolt through hole and attach the new nuts. If no new nuts and bolts, you can use the old, as long as they are not damaged during removal.

Break the caps covering the bolt heads on the new seat appropriate.

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