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How to Install and Use a Bidet Toilet Seat
2013-10-21 22:30:12

How to Install and Use a Bidet Toilet Seat


Before ordering your toilet bidet kit, sized for your toilet seat,Measure your existing toilet with measuring tape .Different combinations of toilet manufacturers need to measure different, so refer to manufacturer's instructions before measurement. For a box of a seat is small enough and the appropriate shape fits easily in your bowl.


Unscrew the bolts, remove the existing screwdriver toilet seat. Whole toilet clean thoroughly with a soft cloth cleaning agent.



Use the installation closestool to bathrooms come with the kit, spare parts. Screw mounting bracket is used to protect the old toilet seat hole. Sliding basin to the mounting bracket and you should hear a click.


Close the connection to your toilet water valve. Flush the toilet until no water left in the tank. Unscrew the hose from the water valve and reconnect to the T shaped metal connection to your seat. Re connect the hose on the toilet on the T. Connect hose, T shape and the seat is connected at the bottom of the end to the tub on the other.With a wrench and tighten all connections.Open the water valve and re check leakage.


The trousers and underwear, bath face your control. Adjusted to the appropriate level and the temperature of the water.


Location area of your genitals and anus,water flowing to them. Some of the models,you will be able to sit down, while others will ask you to squat. You can wash your desires with soap, or just let the water do the work.


Use toilet paper to dry yourself and use low pressure water to rinse the bidet bowl.



With soap and warm water, wash your hands.

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