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How to Replace Your Old Flush Kit with a New Dual Flush Conversion Kit
2013-10-24 23:51:22

How to Replace Your Old Flush Kit with a New Dual Flush Conversion Kit

Dual-Flush-Converter The following describes the transformation of a complete toilet box, including a new one, I bought a complete suite of inlet valve,replace the old. First of all, with the replacement of old and new water inlet valve.

        Unscrew the plastic nut from the bottom of the fill valve that is located on the underside of the tank.

        make the old fill valve removed and trash it.

        the installation instructions should be followed to the letter for the new fill valve. It’s pretty simple really and practically every time that I’ve replaced one it rarely leaks from this area.

        You’ll also want to adjust the valve height so that the top of valve is even with the top of the tank.

        Slide the J-tube outward (it operates like a trombone) so that the 90-degree angle of the tube is at the back corner of the tank.

 a thumbscrew adjustment for the float to raise or lower the water line inside the tank is also exist

By the hydroright to fill the valve has a beautiful "intelligent" nut. When you hear it,click once or two times (gas cap like cars),to stop tightening. This prevents over tightening...... This is the rubber gasket and washer on the pipeline in bad.

The tank back into the bowl with all new hardware and washer. Note the different types of gaskets. There are 3 such kit. A cloth sandwiched between two layers of rubber washer. They slide bolt in the tank.Ordinary rubber washer on the bottom of the groove (brass nut) and metal washers onto the toilet is arranged at the bottom and the wing nut. This is not a leak slot key.

Grab your level, so that the level of comfort and wing nut tightening different. Not over-tighten!

If you have a solid metal water pipe, you may want to consider the replacement of a woven, flexible tube. A solid supply sources often leak, if you have a. If you want to replace it, you may need to turn the water off your house, put a couple of running all the water from the tap.

This is what I want to do is because even if the supply valve is closed, the water is still out. Therefore the water house and a fast to go shopping for a new, flexible water supply line.


Once the water has stopped running, you can safely remove water tube. There may be some residual water, but don't let your alarm. You just a bucket and sponge convenient.

You have a new flush valve and inlet valvein stallation now, do you need a ruler. In the overflow pipe top must be at least 1 inches below the critical line (CL tag). This is the standard code. Explain your installation will tell you it's like, where it is located.

The overflow pipe is too high, so I put an old steak knife, like a small saw the removal of excess overflow pipe height for it (about 1 ½"). It took less than a minute to see.

The rubber pipe of the water inlet valve and i\n jection with clip in the overflow pipe the water does not come out tube....

Install flush button / instruction.





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