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How to repair a toilet?
2013-10-20 22:56:05

Check for leaks

* the washing the toilet to work the same way. The tank contains valve and the filling valve two valve - flushing. Toilet Fill valve type is often referred to as a spherical.

Toilet water tank you contains two valve assembly - Toilet flush valve and the filling valve. Spherical / this graph shows the flush valve (a) and modern plastic valve (B).

Flush valve check off the toilet water leakage, water supply, and make a mark on the water tank sides and check it in 10 to 20 minutes, to determine whether it is maintained.

The simple adjustment

The guide arm washing ball must forgo the ball directly into the seat. The center guide arm, loosen the fixing bolt and rotating, the overflow pipe.

Bowl refill tube should be set to the purpose to enter the overflow pipe but should not be lower than the water level.

The fixed flush valve

* the trouble can be traced back to the toilet water tank flushing valve fault. You have three options to correct the problem: (1) to repair the flush valve old; (2) instead of washing ball with a more modern baffle or install stick in the replacement of the baffle;(3) or install a new flush valve.

The installation of a new flush valve

* install water riser pipe to the tank water.

A new flush valve suitable for on the toilet tank bottom. The rubber gasket is put in the washing machine is suitable for outside.

To view the animation in the click.

Secure the filling valve

* finally, connecting pipe and water tap. The tank should be filled in, allowing you to according to the instructions contained in the valve to adjust the water level.

* anti siphon valve. The best supplement valve provides back siphonage protection. In fact, this may be a requirement. Such protection could prevent the toilet water tank siphon into the potable water supply system in your home, if a vacuum occurs in water supply system. Whether this is a specification of the requirements, anti siphon valve is a good idea, to protect your family and public health.

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