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How to repair a toilet that won't stop running?
2013-10-20 22:49:49



Remove fuel tank cap. Study on the baffle plate, this is the rubber body, usually red or black, water sealed tank, sitting, and then let the water from the drainage channel. To determine whether there is a plate from the flush lever, a chain is prevented from proper baffle seat. Add a relaxation of the chain is too short, don't allow the baffle seat fully, or removal of redundant chain, using a pair of scissors.


urn valve behind the toilet completely clockwise to close the toilet water, then flush the toilet. The baffle plate to remove the damaged tank, overflow baffle ears to decouple the tube bottom screws and disconnect the chain from the punch.


cut change baffle along the marked "cutting" scissors to remove the collar.Overflow sliding baffle plate on the ear of a pipe at the bottom of the nail. The flush lever hook chain, leaving the baffle seat appropriate relaxation in the closed position.Rotary valve counterclockwise rotation,refueling. Flush the toilet, observe whether the baffle to rise and appropriate.


determine if the water rise and spread to the overflow pipe. The signal injection valve failure. A slightly curved float arm, reduce the water level. If your tank with a water inlet component instead of the floating ball,attached to a thin metal rod and the sliding clamps and float glass on the filling valve.Flush the toilet, the water change to an appropriate level.


turn off valve fully clockwise, toilet water supply shutdown, if you observe the inlet valve is damaged, need to be replaced.Flush the toilet, press the handle to the maximum number of removing water from a water tank. Absorbing the residual water and a towel, and then put the towel in the pool. Loosen and remove from the bottom of the tank supply pipe, the use of adjustable wrench. Remove the filling valve. Position in the tank to replace the water inlet valve. A new filling valve bottom hand tight supply tube, the tank. Strengthen the supply tube with an additional 1 / 2 turn, wrench. Rotary shut-off valve counterclockwise and check for any leakage.

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