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How to use toilet fill valve
2013-10-12 10:09:35

Inside the toilet tank, we can see a device that make the water  fill into the tank to the proper lever ,we call it toilet fill valve .from the exterior,we can see how it works clearly ,a float between the device being a swich to turn on and off the water ,and it is as easy as we think

   Basically, people will read the instructiongs of  how to use a toilet fill valve .when the toilet work out , it will expend us some time to know the accessory of the toilet, we can check several accessories to find the fact, for example ,when you find that the water run all the time ,we just check the float if it is on the proper position ,all we need to do is lifting our hands and adjust the float, the water stop run  that means we get to the point.sometimes ,the water will continue to run and waste your water and cost your money on the water bill ,then we should consider to change the toilet fill valve ,it is not a difficult job.remove the valve from the tank,here we should pay attention to that the water in the tank will make you room with water anywhere or damage your thinks suround the tank.


   Any way, it is a tiny thing ,even a little boy can do it ,repairing a toilet fill valve ,involveing four steps, 1.  adjust the position of the float

2.       make water off of the tank

3.       throw away the wrong fill valve

4.       fit the new valve

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