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2013-10-19 22:46:53

Better flushing the button dual flush toilet bonus package box with water-saving valve better with bolts and washers will fill the toilet water-saving device you over the green plumbing codes

Better flushing dual flush bonus packs are water has all the standard you need to upgrade your toilet is high throw your good3.5 gallons or 1.6 gallon toilets to landfills.

The one2flush dual flush bonus package is also water seems to be a different names for the same product.

These more flat and one2flush dual flush valve Pack system by water completely replace the baffle device is different from the original, change your existing wear and sometimes leakage results flapper valve products quickly to repair / decline. This involves removing the tank, remove the old valve flush or one2flush better unit. Better irrigation / one2flush packets to and all of the gaskets, bolts and washers need to install a permanent solution ′waste 1000 gallons of water, in the bathroom.We mean, better one2flush washing gold double from being water flushing bonus will be kept for 30 days GALS of Water for a family of furnace. Its simple manipulation.You must choose to small button for the big button mobile handle liquid with for solid Jin Jin Jin Jin Tang around. The the button will be installed in a vertical or horizontal or processing.Better washing using a combination of head pressure in the tank and the piston technology not only use less water, but with more power to complete the work of water supply. Flushing water with half the volume can be reduced to about 0.8 gallons (1 / 2)and 1.4 gallon (full irrigation) in a 1.6 gallon toilets.The better quality of the flushing water inlet valve will last for years, to help save more water not overflow bowl. This is the control valve through a regulation, into the bowl, pot filled with water, to prevent too. Better flushing Bonus Pack comes with 3 high quality st steel bolts and pot, bowl pad to ensure that you complete the results of quality.


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