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Replacing a Toilet Seat
2013-10-20 22:40:24

Replacing a Toilet Seat

Toilet repair task is the easiest of there placement cover and  toilet seat cover. Have a seat so much style, you should not be difficult to find a match for any bathroom color or pattern.Most modern toilet is available in two standard sizes, replace the seat to them.

Once you have the correct size seat, delete the old. Remove the two nuts on the lower hinge and enhance your old toilet. A common problem is, nuts fixing seat will rust or corrosion. Some toilet seat recess,nut almost inaccessible, to make the work more difficult.

A new toilet seat can be inserted through the installation of two bolts, nuts and washers in tightening slide. Be careful not to over tighten the nut or the seat may be very difficult to remove later.

What is the solution? If you can to the fastener is relatively easy, suitable for some penetrating oil to relax. Giving sufficient time soaked in oil. Using a wrench, or, if an ordinary wrench and socket wrench nut for you cannot, deep. You must not use too much force; if the spanner to slip out of a stubborn nut, it can crack and crack bowl or any other it just hit the tank.

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