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Review: MJSI Hydroright Dual Flush Converter
2013-10-25 00:13:09

        Make it that Converts standard flush toilet to a dual flush

        Designed  2 button flush

        Quick flush can use up to as much as 70% l water

        No tools necessary

        It is not necessary to remove the tank to install

        Works with most standard flush valves that use a flapper

        Mansfield toilets require installation of a standard flush valve sold separately

In the front and side installation works


Just My Two Cents

I successfully installed a hydroright dual flushing device in a 3 year old water saver 1.6 gallon toilets at the weekend, with a much larger (previously) over 3 gallons of audacious in the extreme water pig no problem. I spend about 20 minutes,installing the first second only 10 minutes.In these two cases, spend the majority of their time in the flush level adjustment. I spend every three rushed to set when they need my situation.

The first impression? Double toilet mechanism as advertised! The hydrorights flush button to start a little difficult, especially those we (most of us?) Those who are accustomed to the old standard rod.Children and the elderly may find it at the beginning of the operation is difficult, but the skill comes., so I think no big worries.
I only minor complaint... It will be very good,if you want to choose the right handle / organization flush button places it in several toilet, based on some of the comments,some before I read I could reach the bottom edge to buy toilet cover in depressed.

Because of the double flushing device is not always suitable for every toilet, this will be the minimum installation wise head manufacturer requirements before you pull the trigger, click "buy now" button.



"If you have a Mansfield toilet flush valve, you must purchase a standard. Toilet water tank you must be at least 10 inches in height(distance from where I currently seat cover bottom must be 10 inches or more)hydroright suitable work. The hydroright substituted only standard size small, from the water tank flushing mouth bowl diameter should be 2-1/2 inch (this is the hole baffle includes: new toilet flush port 3 inch,hydroright does not flush the toilet 3 inches or more). If hydroright is installed on thespherical an old toilet, spherical arm can play hydroright and does not work. In some cases, the hydroright can compensate. In other cases, the purchase of hydroclean or other pilot type water inlet valve may be required."

I suspect that the equipment will not to own 3-4 typical families pay for 6 months.Compared to the typical price new dual flush toilets are now on the market (over $200),these devices are super economy (less than $25, most of the installation).

The bottom line..... The hydroright dualflushing device is a great product, I would suggest that you try their homes in the toilet at least one. I know it's design, is manufactured in the United States, is an additional benefit, especially in these difficult economic. I would rate of 4 out of 5 stars. To save some water and money!


Hydroright dual flushing device is usually composed of big box home stores such as Lowe's and home depot. This is my experience, but, in fact, they had to sell quantity is aimless claim (such as inventory and backorder), mainly due to its more homeowners. So be sure to call first. These converters are the lowest price usually found in the internet. When the book was published, Amazon provides no more than$20 in hydroright converter with 29.99 retail price. I believe that prices will fluctuate over time. Either way, it can in such a device, at least in the decision to pull the trigger, take the peak before Amazon buyers market review worth.

Looking For Alternative Opions.

If you have taken the measure and the necessary determination, hydroright is not suitable for your bathroom is correct, I want to suggest is the second most popular dualflush toilets transformation equipment on the market... One2flush dual flush retrofit kit.They sell some version of the Amazon, start at $25, according to the accessories include. A major problem, stop I buy the brand is different for hydroright, one2flush requires you to put your tank from the bowlto the installation device. If you don't mind the extra work, I say go. On the positive side,the one2flush using the lever device activates the flushing effect and the hydroright button. Therefore, there must be a more familiar to you is used in the standard.



Review: MJSI Hydroright Dual Flush Converter

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