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Toilet Installation Guide
2013-10-19 19:33:58

The toilet is installed without the need for expensive plumber. The only tool is a wrench and a number of human, the whole device can be completed within a few hours.Whether you are a new bathroom or replacement of a good day to install the toilet, just follow a few simple commands and excited you successfully complete your project.

1: buy toilet buy toilet, your hardware or the DIY store. Toilets in all shapes, sizes and styles to match any installation. In most devices, will be in the two aspects: the bowl,pot.

2: supply in addition to the toilet, you need some equipment to complete the installation. You will need a wax ring. This will help to ensure that your bathroom with a seal. You also need to help ensure that the toilet silica gel. If the toilet box you without fittings connection pool water supply,procurement, and.

3: cleanup for replacement toilet, in addition to the bathroom to make sure you clean any old wax off the toilet flange. This will help to ensure a good seal. At the same time to clear up any tile or floor cushion in the toilet.

4: give it a good seal turn toilet, press the wax ring into the hole around the porcelain. Do not press too hard. You just want it to stay enough so that it will remain in place, when you put the bowl in the.Running a strip joint along the bottom of the toilet. This will give it a safe basis on the floor.

5: the flange screws toilet bowl ready to install. Insert the closet flange screws fixed to the floor. One end of a wide head screws,will allow you to put them into the flange,and then adjust them in the flange channel.Two screws should directly correspond to each other with the toilet hole lines.

(Toilet Installation Guide)

6: make sure the toilet turn toilet in the toilet wax ring is now facing the floor. Let your friend is there to help you. Gently put the toilet flange bowl, make sure that the two screws at the bottom of the hole poking through the toilet. When the two screws are aligned correctly, press the toilet firmly on the floor, ensure good sealing wax ring.


7: tighten the nut on the screw top screws screw. At first, they just tighten by hand, then gently with a wrench. To do one and other. Not too tight, because this may hit the bowl. You can cut with a bit of excess steel screw. The screw cap.

8: to ensure that the toilet tank tank set.It will sit in a groove in the bowl back. In the align bottom baffle hole into the hole groove and the top of the cylinder body. Put the screws through the tank. Once again, with the hand first, and then gently with a wrench.

9: supply attach water from the tank to the water supply pipe fittings. Connected to the tank end can tighten by hand, while the end into the wall needs to be tightened with a wrench.

 10:caul king caulk again in the bottom of the toilet. Allow this to an hour.

11: the test of run Turn in water supply and test the toilet. Check for leaks. Install the toilet, if it does not include in your kit.

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