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dual flush conversion kit
2013-10-25 00:16:47

Written in a dual flush conversion kit, we become keen to install one's own thoughts.We don't have to staff a plumber, so fearless editorial we were forced to play their own toilets. Please forgive me, if our terminology is not enough as we try to explain the basic health technology.

The toilet is installed in a 20001.6 gallon models. The traditional toilet use a simple system. Spherical floating on the water.When the tank is emptied, spherical reduced, leading to activation of filling valveuntil the ball to the closed position of thewater. Replace a new valve in the toilet,design more reliable, concentric float inlet valve, thus no floating ball valve. Concent ricdesign is required for this conversion kit.

The model is mjsi hyr270 hydroright drops in the dual flushing device, in the local home depot to buy. The benefits of this design is that it does not need disassembly, install the toilet water tank. If you want to try tore move the toilet tank, you may wish to purchase a new integrated dual flush toilets,we suggest that, if you have a really old toilet.

If you need to have a concentric float to replace the water inlet valve, such as the mentioned requirements, mjsi makes the adjustable, can also help you to save water,sometimes it is best to components from the same manufacturer to get, you can be sure that they work together.

The image as you can see, this is a typical baffle. The baffle is a rubber plug, connected to the handle by a chain. When you press the handle, pull it up, let the water from the tank empty bowl. This reform, we will replace the baffle and the transformation of units.

The installation is very simple. We first turn off the faucet and drain tank. Then we put the handle and the baffle on the circumstances, organizations do not work.Transformation mechanism of the sliding baffle place, is a high unit, so you need enough space. Then the overflow at the back of the Zip Tie pipe fixed. An overflow pipe in drainage (including baffle usually insert), in order to prevent the water overflow purpose.

A button, and then inserted into the hole in the handle once, and connected to the control box, which is connected by a blue cable to the transformation of units (Figure)

Then, some calibration tests, you can bemore efficient. Funny, right? The actual installation took only twenty minutes, we believe that the second it will be faster. We give some time to test and the toilet is no problem. Button mechanism with liquid waste and solid waste high impact low flush.

The only problem is to ensure that the guest knows how to properly use the new mechanism, but it is easy to explain. So,less than $thirty, we are committed to saving water efficiency,...... , it makes for an interesting topic

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