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how to replace a toilet wax ring
2013-10-19 23:53:54

The replacement of toilet wax ring before starting, you need to collect all the necessary items. You need 4 PVC pine,PVC glue, tape, screwdriver, hacksaw,gloves, goggles, putty knife, mark pen, cloth,replace flange, coupling, wax ring, a bucket,and steel cutting blade. Once you collect items above, the steps are as follows:


The first step, open the doors and windows,put on your gloves, don't forget your goggles began before.


The second step: in the toilet on both sides,there are 2 nuts, make the bathroom floor.Release and keep aside. Now you can easily take place a toilet. You can put the toilet can be discharged in a large barrel ort he remaining water in the basin.


The third step, the first is the toilet, you will see the wax seal. Cloth, screwdriver with proper cleaning, remove the screw from the flange. These screws so that the flange are firmly bonded to the floor.


The fourth step: you will see the red line near the flange. You need to put the steel cutting blade and cutting flanges near the red line. You're finished, we are ready to replace the toilet flange. But first, you need to determine the coupling and directly in the PVC tube, is from the floor. In the coupling,and you'll keep your new PVC, you buy;make sure it is the perfect place.


The fifth step - the use of tape and a permanent marker, in the new PVC as marker. Here, we will need the right height new pipeline our check, once back downstairs (from which we removed the old tube).


Finally in the sixth step, you need to do is use PVC glue fixed back one by one. Let every piece of dry other parts of your glue back in a few minutes. Once this is done,we are now beginning to replace the toilet flange in reality.


Step seven - the new toilet flange you will buy on the floor. We put the first screw will replace.


he eighth step with the toilet back in its place and in line with the bolt. The place where the toilet is very slow, at the top of the flange and the pressure down. The safety nut back, the toilet is from its position does not move; tighten. At the same time,strengthen the water supply pipe and turn.Rinse 2-3 times, to ensure no leakage from the bottom of the toilet.

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