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methods to replace the toilet tank
2013-10-19 22:55:07

There are several reasons to replace the toilet tank, is not happy. But whether the put,a last resort valve failure or fixed general health problems, when trying to replace the toilet you do it right the first time is very important. Follow these steps to replace the toilet water tank.

First, the measurement and replace the tank. The toilet tank is estimated that is not what you want or approximate. Name or ordinal measurements of water and any brand, will help you find the right replacement instructions. Buy a new tanks and ensure that it meets the old tank before you start replacing tank process

Secondly, turn off the water supply and drainage channel. Turn off the water. If you have a water valve of toilet, turn it off. Then drain tank to flush the toilet several times.The sponge on the remaining water in the bottom of the tank, then disconnect the water supply line.

Third, remove the nut. In the toilet water tank,a nut fastening the tank to the bottom part often toilet. To remove these tightly fitting nut,will be a little bit penetrating lubricant such as WD-40 lubricant, let sit as far as possible in the nut time. To lubricate unscrew nut after their. If this does not work, grab a hacksaw, through their.

Fourth, reversing valve and washer. Now that you have in this difficult project DIY elbow deep, you might as well go the distance and change any valves and gaskets. The replacement of taper was hers and tank cushion. Also replace all other gasket and bolt, you see.

Fifth, the replacement of toilet tank. The final step is to put the old cans from the bathroom. Carefully lower the new tanks to the bottom of the toilet, remember to put between the two parts of the rubber pad.The bolt from the bottom of the tank through the bottom of the toilet. Then, the bolt nut is screwed to the toilet and tighten them with the positioning wrench.

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