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the skill to clean the toilet tank
2013-10-19 23:07:27

Remove the tank cover and check the float arm. A float arm ball can be represented by a L shaped collar, allowing you to increase or decrease the floating ball more easily.

Only about half of the floating ball should be lower than water. When the water, the floating ball is not high to the shut-off valve.Screw down the ball and replaced by a new W /.

If the promotion does not stop on the float arm water, in the intake valve gasket may be worn.

Try removing the toilet fill valve in you, turn off the water and flushing water tank.

Open the valve, remove the two screws or pivot screw and slide the floating ball, the arm is connected with the float arm valve. If there is a cover valve remove cover. The plunger and valve pull upward, the screwdriver blade or slide through the grooves in the plunger and the elevator at the top. Replace seat washers in at the bottom of the plunger, and mounted to a valve in the slot opening washer. If the intake valve is a diaphragm type component, you need from a plumbing supply store and follow the installation instructions for the replacement kit.

The new intake valve assembly is composed of scour plastic operation W/float arm and simplified. A sliding, float upward or downward in a bar with adjustable water level.

Install the replacement valve assembly need to unscrew the sliding screw nut to remove the old component in the tank bottom. What are you going to do this, first of all to ensure water supply shutdown and flushing water tank. Sponge any remaining water from a tank or leak into the floor, when you remove the valve assembly. Be careful not to crack water tank of W / tools work for you.


An air inlet valve and a water supply pipe is connected is called spherical assembly and sales as a unit. According to the manufacturer's instructions to install the new component and the fastening nut is slippery, so as to avoid the crack. 

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