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the way to repair the toilet flush handle
2013-10-19 23:47:49

When our toilet is old, broken, or is out of date, we need to change a new toilet flush handle. Here are some steps of quick and easy method to solve the problem about how to adapt to a new medical treatment.

First of all, with the old

First you need to lift the cover from the top of the water tank of the toilet, put it in a safe place. From washing itself and from the old hands loosen upper lift line.

Secondly, loose nut and remove the old tank lever

The problem is in the water tank and the reverse screw, generally speaking, you have to rotate clockwise. This is specifically designed to at each station will be used to flush the loose.

Third, in the new

Fixed a new deal with the loose, this is reverse screw. Rubber gasket mounted on the inside. With the hand, and then use the wrench. Don't be too nervous. Toilet water tank is usually made of ceramic, porcelain and the material to be broken.

Fourth, suitable for processing combination

The new tank rod cross hole and into the tank. Connecting a new handle, and the other end of the screw and screwdriver.

Fifth, connection chain

With rising force line or chain type and complete the task. You are to finish the work well.

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