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toilet installation with toilet connector
2013-10-19 23:30:41

toilet installation with toilet connector tube

In the installation of toilets old against the wall. The wall thickness is increased at least ½", so we know that common water closet flanges will only extend to the floor structure damage.

A month ago, installed polyvinyl chloride drainage pipeline flange, and the toilet is already in place, but not glued to the floor installation is complete. Toilet flange can stay on the floor. Suitable for the toilet in the flange on the horn, is recessed toilet body and is located about 1 inches at floor level

This is the only sensible when the choice,must be installed directly on the floor joists.In tile installation we finish floor in opening out of the different shape. We came to the red ring around the shape of the test fitting the flange and the painting line.

Our advanced angle cutting (rather than a simple square notch) because it appeared the corners of the square cutout

   In fact, we decided to test the parts, the only way to the flange and the pipe is smooth wood block in the flanges and then slip on pipe fittings. We have no way of installing the packing, and then connecting flange.

    We use the PVC pipes and purple primer.We also propose the drain pipe is fixed with a temporary support, to ensure an appropriate slope (1 / 8 "to 1 / 4" per foot),the task completed.

    We use PVC accessories and stick together. At this point the flange from the temporary support to nurse.

    We re positioning of pipe support and driving long deck screws inserted flange.Being used in some of the holes can not back, because screw penetration tube.


    We have filled the blank. This is likely to leak, sealing wax toilet one day, the sealing can prevent water damage a wood floor structure.

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