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Q why do you need to use the bidet?

A: In fact, we all have this experience. If your hands are dirty, if you touch something sticky, you can't wipe it with paper

Washing is the best way for us to feel clean and comfortable. Otherwise, why do you take a bath instead of scrubbing it?

Q: Do you need to wipe with paper after use?

A: Yes. It's just like we have to use paper to suck a thousand water after washing our hands. It's the same as we have to dry the water with a bath towel after washing

In fact, we all have experience, only using paper is not clean

Q: Is there a drying function?

A: In fact, with the drying function, there will be the following problems:

1. If you want to really dry, the temperature should be large, which is easy to cause burns

2. The drying temperature is small, the drying time is long, and there is no way to really dry

The toilet overflows. Therefore, it is convenient for you to wash the cover plate with Hezhen Gong and then dry it with a piece of paper

To clean dry effect, at the same time without plug in, safe and reliable

Q: Will it be cold in winter?

A: Buttock is the area where the distribution density of hot and cold nerves is low. Secondly, the body will feel it first

The water temperature can only be felt after the impact of water, and the body has a certain adaptability when feeling the water temperature, and the water only

It will rush to a small area, so it will not feel cold

Q: Is the water from the nozzle the same as the water in the tank?

A: Different. The water for the water tank and the water for the nozzle are supplied independently through the three-way valve, and the port connecting the water inlet of the tee is provided with a filter screen

However, there is no filter screen at the port connecting the water inlet valve in the toilet water tank; under normal circumstances, the water in the water tank will not pass through the water inlet valve

Countercurrent back to the pipeline, even if there is countercurrent phenomenon, the filter screen can also filter the countercurrent water. In addition, for your use

Safety, whether before or after use, you can choose to spray water on the nozzle for self-cleaning, do not worry about dirt residue


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