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Dual Flush Converter Kit B4210

1, no toilet tank removal or tools required
-your choice of either a swing handle than installs horizontally or vertially.or and attractive push buttom assembly that easy to operate.both come in the same versatile kit
2, install into either flat or sloped flapper valves with a secure gasket seat that won’t leak
3. a specially designed outlet actually increase the water flow during a flush so less water does more-a highly adjustable yet simple attachment system assures a solid connection to any 2″-2 1/2″ douglas style flapper valve.
4, the top of the dual flush valve is mere eight and one half inchs above the bottom of the tank so it works well in low profile and one piece toilets that cann’t accept taller units.
5, the lever handle is designed to fit where most handles won’ will install so that the toilet lid will lift in front of the main portion of it allowing for use on compact toilet.
  • B4210

  • OEM

Dual Flush Converter Kit 7

Dual Flush Converter Kit 8
Dual Flush Converter Kit 9
Dual Flush Converter Kit 3
Dual Flush Converter Kit 5Dual Flush Converter Kit 10

Dual Flush Converter Kit 4

The Quick-Fit Dual Flush Converter Kit

Only 3 step, easy diY

handle and buttom optional

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3

1 Remove the rubber flapper

2 Slide the new valve into place

3 Tighten the wing nut

A fast and easy water tight seal

Because a dual fiush handle needs to move in two directions and it's being installed on a toilet

that was designed for a handle that moves in one direction, there isnt a lways enough room for a

handle to swing both ways. ""Different toilets require different handle solutions

The Quick-Fit addresses these issues by offering a handle that works two ways, as well as an

attractive push button all in one kit

An over sized flush body with a sloped tapered opening emptying into the existing flush base insures

a rapid evacuation of water during a flush cycle that translates into a better flush with less water

What toilets will the Quick-Fit work on?

7 gallon,

5 gallon

3. 5 gallon,

1.6 gallon, and

1.28 gallon toilets

older and newer style 2 piece toilets

older and newer style 1 piece toilets

All Sloped or flat 2 to 2-1/2

Douglas style Flapper Valves

Dual Flush Converter Kit 5Dual Flush Converter Kit 10Dual Flush Converter Kit 11Dual Flush Converter Kit 9

Dual Flush Converter Kit 1

Dual Flush Converter Kit 3

Dual Flush Converter Kit 12Dual Flush Converter Kit 13Dual Flush Converter Kit 4Dual Flush Converter Kit 5Dual Flush Converter Kit 7Dual Flush Converter Kit 8Dual Flush Converter Kit 10Dual Flush Converter Kit 14

Dual Flush Converter Kit 6

The quick-Fit Dual Flush Converter Kit

Only 3 step, easy DIY

Turn off water-Flush toilet-Remove lever flapper

Twist and pull upper housing from base.

Two methods of gasket installation for oblique or flat bases

1)Slide base down overflow tube.

2)Insert the plug in the fixer if the overflow tube is smal

If the overflow tube is large enough, plug is unnecessary.

Press down the base and screw the nut tightly.

Attach the upper housing and rotate it to lock in place

1)Attach button in switch hole.

2)Screw button assembly.

3)Firmly install control box.

Easy to adjust flush volume.

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