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Non Electric Bidet seat- European Style U-Shaped(D Shaped XY1002

Overall size: 365(W)x498(D)x86(H)/mm.
• Major material: P.P.
• With filter part to avoid the pipe jams.
• Fit for more toilets.
• Design based on more stable and heavier.
• Easy installation.
• Soft close function for seat and lid.
  • XY1002

  • OEM

Bidet Seat 7
Bidet Seat 8


Product feature: Double nozzle, soft washing for the lady, strong washing for the rear, Self-cleaning, Anti-bacterial nozzle, Energy saving (non-electronic).

With a sleek, low-profile seat design, Non-Electric Bidets provides the superior cleansing of a spray wand that’s fully adjustable for position and water pressure. The cleansing toilet seat makes it easy to add the freshness and assurance of personal cleansing to your existing toilet. This manual cleansing seat requires no electricity or batteries and installs in minutes, connecting to the toilet’s water supply line.

Reference Code:
XY1002.01 – V shape bidet seat, G1/2″ connection.
XY1002.02 – V shape bidet seat, G1/2″ connection, controllable self-cleaning function.

Product Application
Installation Size: A=430~478, B=134~180
Water Pressure: 0.07~0.80 Mpa
Tape Water Only: Prohibit the use of neutral water, hard water or raining water. External constant temperature heating device can be used to provide hot water washing.
Bidet Seat 5
Bidet Seat 3
Bidet Seat 10

Bidet Seat 5

Bidet Seat 11

Bidet with T adaptor( 3/8 ) and SS hose

U-Shape bidet

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