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2020 Best Height Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve

Water Pressure: 0. 2-16 bar( 3PSI-300PSI)
Height: adjustable from 203mm to 330mm
Water Level: adjustable from 120mm to 247mm
Refill Rate: >25%
  • A216

  • OEM

Toilet Fill Valve 1Toilet Fill Valve 2

Toilet Fill Valve 4

Height adjust lock on top, more convenient for installation

Filter on top, more convenient for daily maintenance

Special water seal design, more convenient for maintenance

Clean or change filter

no need to disconnect the waterline

it can all be done from the top of the valve

Adjustable valve heigh and water level

Easily serviced service kit comes with seals already fitted

Service kit available includes a new filter and seals already fitted

Unique compact design, with super mini size of 53 in width

Water pressure range 0.2 16 bar

Height adjustable 8-12

Water level remains the same even if water pressure is varied


Toilet Fill Valve 2

toilet fill valve

Easy take out diaphragm

Turn clockwise to take out diaphragm easily for

maintenance, or just get a new one to replace it

toilet fill valve

Easy take out filter

Special filter design on top for better maintanance

toilet fill valve

Easy adjustment


Adjust the height of fill valve on top for easy adjustment

Compact apperance

Compact design suitable for any kinds of toilet

Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve 1Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve 2Adjustable Toilet Fill Valve 3

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