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Anti-Siphon Fill Valve Plastic Universally Use With Most Toilets

Fast Quiet
Easy installation
Durable plastic construction
One piece design
Quiet Operation due to being below Water Level
Adjustable Knob allows for adjusting water level
Fits Most Toilets, Excluding One Piece Low-boys
  • A115

  • OEM

Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 2Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 4Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 6Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 5

15/16" for american market

Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 9Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 10

Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 12Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 17Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 13

Anti-Siphon Fill Valve 8

1. Turn off water supply to the toilet. Flush toilet and use a sponge to remove any water that is left in the tank

2. Remove water supply line from old Fill valve

3. Unscrew Fill Valve mounting nut located under toilet tank and remove old fill valve

4. Place the shank gasket onto the threaded shank of the new Fill valve and position Fill Valve into the hole inside toilet tank thread mounting nut onto shank of valve and hand tighten only Over tightening can cause

damage to Fill Valve or crack toilet. NOTE The valve contains breather vents do not use thread tape or thread compound when installing this valve

5. Inspect supply line and replace old washers and nut if needed. If the supply line washers and nut included

in this kit are not an exact match to what is on your supply line, you will need to purchase the correct size washer and nut. Reconnect the water supply line to the Fill Valve and hand tighten supply line nut

6. Attach refill tube clip to refill tube. Attach refill tube clto overflow tube and push other end of tube overflow stem on Fill valve

7. The Fill valve is preset to fill a conventional size toilet tank. To adjust the water level, turn the adjusting knob clockwise to raise the water level or counterclockwise to lower the water level. One full turn of the adjustment knob will change the water level approximately 2 Inches

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