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Inductive Squat Toilet Tank

Body induction time:5 seconds(flush)
Wake-up interval time:8 seconds
Flush response time after off-seat:1 second
Power supply:4pcs AA alkaline batteries(or 6V adapter)
Life cycles of each battery group:15000 cycles
  • 1810

  • OEM

inductive squat toilet tank 3

inductive squat toilet tank 4inductive squat toilet tank 1

inductive squat toilet tank 2

1810 Squat inductive tank

1810 Squat inductive tank 7

Product Name: intelligent induction wall mounted water tank

Product size: 400 * 356 * 120mm

Product weight: about 1200g

Product material: high quality PP material

Sensing area (hidden) - lower part of the machine

Sensing distance is within 80cm

Induction duration: 25 seconds

Installation height 130cm (recommended)

Outlet mode: automatic induction flushing

Installation method: back buckle installation

1810 Squat inductive tank

Sensing distance: 80cm ± 10cm

The sensing angle is 13 degrees up and 17 degrees down, 14 degrees left and 15 degrees right

Confirmation time of human body induction: effective time of seating induction ≥ 5S

The flushing response time after leaving the seat is ≥ 1.0s

Height of probe from the ground: 54cm from the center of the probe

Wake up interval: 6.5s

Power supply time to air pump: 0.6s

Voltage reduction compensation methods include:

Current when sensing human body: 3mA

Static current: 7ua-11ua

Voltage: DC6V

Main materials: EPDM, ABS, POM

Power supply 6V voltage (4 No. 5 alkaline batteries / connected by adapter)

The service life of the product is about 20000 times (4 No. 5 Nanfu batteries)

1810 Squat inductive tank 31810 Squat inductive tank 51810 Squat inductive tank 61810 Squat inductive tank 71810 Squat inductive tank 2 8

1810 Squat inductive tank 15

1810 Squat inductive tank

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