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Automatic Toilet Flusher For Top Push Button Toilet QBO-I

This device converts your top push buttom operated toilet into an automatic flush toilet system with both half and full flush. This is the latest toilet auto flush unit available, compared to other touch free toilet systems this model is more affordable, has higher durability and no special tools or skills are required for installation. This unit is perfect for domestic use as well as for industrial sites, hostels and hotels, factories, schools, shopping centre's, aged care and airports.
Applicable Toilet Tank Style:
Flush method:
Detection Rang:
  • QO-I

  • OEM


Automatic Toilet Flusher 21

 you just use the toilet and leave.The Automatic Toilet Flusher will flush the toilet for you automatically.


  • Adjustable flush volume

  • This is a minimum requirement for hygiene

  • Infrared sensor measures the 'time at toilet' and then activates a flush motor inside the tank which performs either a half or full flush.

  • Efficient power-saving design

  • Fully sealed waterproof design



  • Applicable Toilet Style: TOP-push Type Toilet - Flush button (oval or round appearance with diameter to suite a hole 53mm) located in the centre of water tank lid

  • Water Flush Method: Auto-induction, Two-stage Flush (Low / Large Water Volume)

  • Sensor Distance: 80cm  (+/- 10cm)

  • Half flush time: adjustable 10-60.0 seconds

  • Full flush time: adjustable >60.0 seconds

  • Maximum Flush Cycle: 10 seconds

  • Designed to use 6x AA Alkaline, Lithium or Rechargeable Lithium batteries (note batteries not included)

  • Dimensions: 115 x 70 x 65mm (H x W x D), 360g

Automatic Toilet Flusher 4
Automatic Toilet Flusher 3
Automatic Toilet Flusher Home 3

Why to use the Automatic Toilet Flusher For Top Push Button Toilet

Help children who cant reach of forget to flush

Helps those with disabilities as the system works automatically and independently

Helps the elderl Simple convenient and easy to use

Injured or disabled gain independance as there is no need for others to assist

Environmentally avoid odours, as the system is easily cleaned and Is always correctly and timely flushed

Technology that helps make your home easier to maintain more convenient and comfortable

Easy to install No special tools needed, No need to change any existing plumbing.

Touch free sensor Is more hygienic Reduce bacteria and eliminate cross contamination

Automatic Toilet Flusher 24Automatic Toilet Flusher 28

Automatic Toilet Flusher 15Automatic Toilet Flusher 20Automatic Toilet Flusher 14

Automatic Toilet Flusher 3
parts of productParts of product

1 Sensor

2 battery backcover

3 battery backcover screw

4 Sticker

5 Insert board

6 Sensor rob

7 Push button

8 washer

9, plastic nut

10, buliding block

11, Micro adjustment pad

12, tank transparent pad

13, alkaline battery

14, Ruler 

15, Power line cover

16, manual

Automatic Toilet Flusher 1
Automatic Toilet Flusher 2
Automatic Toilet Flusher 3
Automatic Toilet Flusher 4

Sensor Appearance and Instruction

A: SETUP MODE (Left)- Adjust the Half/ Low flush cycle time by holding a magnetic wand against the right side

(D)circular Magnetic Target until the desired water release is achieved Note the speed and distance of flush

Motor up/down cycle and adjust accordingly.

B: PRESENCE DETECTION-a computerized human -presence sensor measures the time --" and then

activates a flush Motor inside the tank which lifts the flush lever for either a half/Low-flush or full/Large

flush as required

C: LOW BATTERIES-It will flash when the battery is low, please replace the battery


Note 1: After finished setup, if the half flush water volume is insufficient or too much

(Based on personal actual demand), simple repeats the step of adjustment.

When completed setup, it needs to be reset the memory model of sensor

because of replacing the batteries

Note 2: When computerized human-presence Sensor starts to measure the

" time-at-the-toilet the Sensor Presence Detection LED will flash for 10secs

above(Maximum Flush Cycle: 10 secs) by standing in front of the Sensor and then

activates a Flush Motor inside the tank which lifts the flush lever for either a

half /Low-flush or full/Large flush as required.


1 This Sensor is suitable for instal ation on toilet with flush button on the tank cover

2. The Sensor has the function of self-learning, determine whether the Sensor distance has at least 100cm above to the wall or any obstacles,

otherwise it will shorten the detection distance to just 40-50cm

3. Upon powering up, the Sensor will automatically detect the distance in 1 min, the Sensor Presence Detection LED will flash, keep any

obstacles or mirrored surfaces out of the Detection Beam at least 100cm during detecting to prevent false detection and random flush.

4. The Sensor must not be obstructed by any reflectors, such as a mirror, glossy bright objects, etc, easy to cause reduce the distance to


5. Please keep the detection window clean, do not have dripping on Sensor surface to avoid affecting the sensitivity of Sensor.

6. Anytime the batteries( 6 standard AA alkaline)are replace or the Sensor range needs to be recalibrated, simply repeats resetting. To

prevent false detection and random flush, keep any obstacles or mirrored surfaces out of the Detection Beam.

Automatic Toilet Flusher 8
Automatic Toilet Flusher 7
Automatic Toilet Flusher 10
Automatic Toilet Flusher 12
Automatic Toilet Flusher 9

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