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Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater

It is a kind of instant heating treasure specially made for toilet sanitary ware,
220 V, power 2.0 kw-3.0 kW, can provide 30-38 degree / 30-55 degree constant temperature hot water for body cleaner, toilet cover, spray gun, shower, etc., effectively improve the comfort of cleaning and shower in winter

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 4

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 2

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 2

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 1

ABS precision integrated housing

1. The surface is compact and smooth, antifouling and durable;

2. There are no pores at the top and outside sides, IPx4 waterproof grade, full square.It is safe, waterproof and suitable for the water environment of toilet

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 2

Touch the button

Technology life, intelligent touch, high-end atmosphere, simple operation for the whole family. You can control everything.

Touch the button, Touch sensitive, waterproof and waterproof Corrosion


Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 1



Frequency conversion constant temperature

Equipped with frequency conversion constant temperature chip, the water flow will not change

Affect the set temperature of effluent

1. Adjust the power according to the demand to save energy;

2. Constant temperature hot water, bid farewell to cold and hot, outlet water temperature 30-38 degrees adjustable, Washing ass, face and bath (Southeast Asia) is just right;

3. Instant heating, no preheating, no waste of excess heat, save energy Save time, electricity and water

4. Unlimited hot water, you can use it whenever you want Use. 

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 1


Cast aluminum heater

1. Water running through water, electricity running through electric circuit and separation of water and electricity;

2. 3D surround heating, no scaling, healthy water;

3. Integrated molding, firm as stone, no leakage



Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 11Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 4

Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 4Instant Toilet Warm Water Heater 3


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