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Electronic min travel bidet

Name:Portable Electric Sprayer Sprayer material:ABS Sprayer size:37×122mm Sprayer weight:86g Bottle cap material:Silicone Bottle material:Polypropylene Bottle size:60×177mm Bottle weight:55g Bottle capacity:=270ml Waterproof rating:IPX7 Charging port:Type-C Input voltage/current:5V-0.5A Battery type:Rechargeable polymer lithium battery Battery capacity:500mAH Full charging time:~90 miute Continuous working time:Washing for 30 seconds each time,and it can be used about 70 times when fully charged. 1.260ML big capacity water container, which can hold the body of this bidet and is very simple to transport. 2.2 Water effluent options, readily switchable. 3.Rechargeable battery: 500 mAh, good for about a month. 4. Charging connector (Type C). 5.Grey and pink in color. IPX7 water resistance. 7.It is possible to link to water jugs.
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[CLEAN THOROUGHLY EVERYWHERE]The XINYU portable bidet for men and women is a more environmentally friendly option to bathroom paper.Instead of abrasive toilet paper, it cleans completely while making you feel at ease.When traveling, the mini-size portable bidet fits effortlessly into your purse.

meeting your housekeeping requirements wherever you are.


There are two water strength choices (H and L), as well as two kinds of water sprayer (three and six holes), which can accomplish four styles of flushing experience to satisfy the needs of various individuals.


The electric portable bidet includes a big 270ml water container, so you won't run out of water midway through.

The gadget can also be stored in the water container.


The hand held toilet charges quickly via USB and can be used up to 70 times on a single 1.5-hour charge.Assuring that your portable bathroom seat is always powered.

[WATERPROOF IPX7]In comparison to the IPX6 water proof bidet sprayer, the IPX7 bidet sprayer can be rinsed immediately with water.

[SAFE BUY AND MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS]If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to approach us.

If you change your mind after getting it, you will receive a full refund!A portable bidet is an ideal present for children's ass cleansing, expectant women cleaning, everyday cleaning of women, hemorrhoids cleaning, patient care and senior care, and so on.

Xinyu strives to constantly provide high quality plumbing products and quick response to our customers requests in the market. Find more products and company information from link below.




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