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400ml Handheld Portable Bidet XB400

Capacity: 400ml
Color: optional
Material: EVA+ABS+SIL
Soft squeeze bottle made by evA
Fill water easily and use anywhere
Angled spray design for perfect aim
  • XB400

  • OEM

Portable bidet XB400 1Portable bidet XB400 2Portable bidet XB400 4

Spray angle 60°

Tall nozzle: 170mm

Volume: 400mL


Portable and ideal for travel

Extendable shattaf bidet nozzle


Apply to pregnant, puerperant, patients or elderly care baby diapers change, hemorrhoids patients etc

Whte box 

customized box package moq:1000pcs

Portable bidet XB400 1

Package 1pc/carton, 98cartons/box

Carton sizes 70*70*220MM

Box sizes: 505*505*460MM


1: Personal Hygiene Refresher

2: Curved Nozzle for a longer reach

3 Portable and ideal for travel

portable bidet 1


1,Fill the portable bidet with cool or warm water and screw the nozzle cap on securely. Be sure to use caution when using hot water

2, Place a finger on the air lock to prevent the water from leaking and prepare to turn the bottle upside down. Once inverted, water spray will start immediately, UNLESS the air lock on the bottom is covered with your finger

3, When ready with bottle in position release your finger and allow spray to clean intended area

4,  Water will spray out soft and gentle, but pressure can be increased by squeezing the portable bidet bottle tighter Adjust grip for desired water flow

5, Practice positioning bottle at different angles, both

front and rear, to find best angle for your usage

Portable bidet XB400 2

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