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300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color

Blue hand bidet without airlock
● Shape: Round body
● Volume: 300ml capacity
● Colour: Blue
● Retractable nozzle
● Materials:
Nozze: PP Bottle: EVA
● Easy cleanIng
● No Airlock
  • X003

  • OEM

Portable Bidet 2

300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color 6product feature

Easy fill bottle
Soft squeeze design
Pop-up nozzle for easy storage
Angled spray for best cleaning
Includes discreet travel bag
User-Friendly Design:
1. Spray water at 60 degrees from the nozzle and body for easier using and more gentle water
2. EVa bottle is very soft, plus air hole on its bottom, makes it very easy to be squeezed
Volume: 300m

The size of portable bidet as below
300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color 5300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color 9300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color 4300ml Portable Bidet X003 White Color 10

The Package:

  One Pe bag to protect the portable bidet
  One manual
  One Travel Bag(If you need)
  One White box or color box

hand held bidet 1

1, Unscrew the bottle cap and fill the bottle with warm or cold tap water. Screw the cap back onto the bottle

2,  Pop the nozzle out with your fingernail at the round cutout. you Will see a little tab on the tip of the nozzle head for easy prying

3,  While sitting on the toilet, turn the bottle upside down squeeze the bottle while pointing the nozzle in the correct direction to get a cleansing posterior or feminine bidet wash when you need it

4,  Push the nozzle back into the bottle once you are finished washing

5,  Remove the cap to shake any excess water out of the bottle making sure the bottle is kep clean and dry for the next use. Replace the cap


1. Do not insert the nozzle into the body

2. Clean and disinfect the nozzle bottle regularly

hand held bidet 2

Portable Bidet 2

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