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Toilet Fill Valve Wrench, Toilet Flush Valve Wrench

DIMENSIONS 9 × 6 × 1 in
  • WSP


toilet tank wrench wrench6wrench7


Make the DIY Flush Kit Installation Process Easy with this Universal Wrench . . .

  • Interchangeable 3 Jaw Wrench Fits Most Common Flush and Filler Valve 1 – 3 Inch Nuts

  • Tough Fiber Reinforced POM Plastic – Will Not Gouge, Mar or Scratch Plastic Fittings

  • Self Locking Hands Free Design

Triple Jaw Self Adjusting Plastic Wrench
Plastic fitting wrench for most common toilet valves, tank filler valves, PVC pipe and other plastic fittings will not gouge or scratch like regular metal wrenches.  Comes with 3 interchangeable jaws that fix standard 2″ round or hex toilet valve nuts, 3″ octal toilet valve nuts and finger tab 1″ toilet filler valve wing nuts.
Patented design is computer engineered with strong fiber reinforced plastic and webbing that will not deform or break under normal plastic fitting working conditions.  Self adjusting lock jaw automatically tightens around the nut for quick and easy installation or removal even with sizing variations common in plastic fittings.
Includes 3 Interchangeable Jaw Sizes:
1″ standard fits nominal size 40mm finger tab filler valve wing nuts
2″ standard fits nominal size 2.6″ (67mm) round or flat-to-flat hex nuts
3″ standard fits nominal size 87mm flat-to-flat octal nuts
Tired of tearing up soft plastic fittings with a metal wrench?  Be a pro and use the right tool for toilet valve or PVC fittings.

wrench 1IMG_4208

wrench 2

wrench 3


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