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Toilet Fill valve Adaptor

Bidet Fill Valve Adaptor Solves Toilet Water Spigot Fitting Problems
90 Degree Elbow with Standard 1/2″ Internal Pipe Diameter
Standard 7/8″ “Fill valve” M-F Threads Fit all Standard Filler Valves
Industrial POM Plastic Housing will Not Rust or Corrode
Will Not Leak – O-Ring and Washer Sealed
Installs in Minutes with either COMMON or NO TOOLS REQUIRED
  • XJY01

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Bidet connector solves toilet water socket installation problems 

-90 degree elbow, standard 1/2" Internal pipe diameter 

-standard 7/8" "Ballcock" M-F thread, fits all standard fill valves 

-Industrial POM plastic housing will not rust or corrode 

-Will not leak O-ring and gasket seals Use common or no-tool installation to solve one of the most common problems when connecting a socket from a bathroom wall to a bidet, toilet filler valve or other inline fitting with this simple ball valve elbow. If a new or different toilet configuration is installed, or if an accessory inline fitting is added, such as a bidet faucet or inline filter, this simple elbow allows more room to work horizontally under the toilet tank. Provides a cleaner, out-of-sight installation for plumbing and inline attachments, and increases the flexibility of using shorter hose connections. In most cases, manual installation is quick and easy by simply shutting off the water line, unscrewing the existing hose, installing the elbow and any inline accessories, and then reconnecting the water line to it. In some cases, a standard adjustable wrench or slip-on pliers are required to remove the plumbing line. Standard 7/8" ball valve" thread (common to most U.S. toilet fill valves) male to female thread with 1 female side seal gasket.  

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toilet fill valve adaptor

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