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Electronic Bidet T4

Safety device
Posterior cleaning
Push button
Seat heating
Massage wat
Remote control
LED night light
Flushing when power off
Seat opened dosed by sensor
Ultrathin and no tank
Manual flushing
Electrolysis Disinfection
Current temperature display
Discolor resistant material
Instant heating
Feminine cleaning
Bluetooth APP
Cover opened closed by sensor
  • T4

  • OEM

electronic bidet 1

electronic bidet 4

Simple appearance, square edge

Clear angular show the wisdom of design

electronic bidet 7

Hidden Tank

Hidden tank saves space and brings extremely beauty

electronic bidet 8

electronic bidet 8

 electronic bidet 1electronic bidet 2electronic bidet 3electronic bidet 4electronic bidet 5

1, One button for simple and easy control

smart toilet bidet 7

One Button for all functions

One button for various functions: posterior wash, feminine wash, warm air dry, feminine wash, adjustable temperature, water flow control, adjustable nozzle position 3D touch design helps you find the control button quickly without turning around

2, Dynamic flush without worrying low Water Pressure

smart toilet bidet 6

Water Pump Booster Low-pressure Water with Powerful Flush

With water pump flush, spray and big tank structure inside, Moext s new flush system

can always be powerful even when the water pressure is not stable or low

3, Automatically Opened When Approaching

Opening by Auto Induction/ Opening by Kicking

smart toilet bidet 4 

Automatically Opened by kicking, for Mens Convenience

Slightly kicking, the cover opened; Kicking again, the seat opened; Kicking for a

second, both seat and cover opened automatically; Standing operation is more

convenient for men

 smart toilet bidet 5

Automatically Opened When Approaching

Automatic Opening by Approaching, and automatic

closing by waving hands, just enjoy your intelligent life

4, Thin module for Easy Installation

  smart toilet bidet 2

Function requirements can be customized according to demands with newly

upgraded ultra slim platform and intelligently modelized components

5, Gourd-Shape fits for ergonomics Gourd-Shape Seat Cover


Gourd-Shape Seat& Cover Fit for Body Curves

After several test by Ergonomics, it proves that, the seat cover s cambered surface fits for

people s leg curve, effectively decentralizing the pressing points in the seat &cover.

smart toilet bidet 1

smart toilet bidet 3smart toilet bidet 2

Fivefold Protection Creates Overwhelming Sense of Security

Water pollution prevented, scald-proof, automatic nozzle cleaning,

fire-proof and electricity leakage protection to ensure security

Instant Heat for Long Lasting Supply No Sudden Coldness

For posterior and feminine wash, it provides instant and uninterrupted heated

water without the temperature lowering after continuous use. Clean and

sterile for quick use And the water only gets heated when it is in operation

Sterilization of Water by electrolysis for Real Purification

Electrolysis disinfection technology, high efficiency, safety and

environmental protection to protect your health

Air Pump for Comfortable Massage

With the aerated-pressor technology, it offers plump and

strong water, frequency-converting massage, which makes

it a wonderful massage experience

Inverted Circuit

With the inverted circuit technology, it effectively prevents erosion

from hydro's and moisture, specially designed for bathroom


Intelligent pre-wetting avoid dirty and flushing cleaner

Ignore power off, normally flushing

The build-in battery component continues to power the solenoid

alve to make sure flushing normally even when power off

Sprayer with air and mixing oxygen

Sprayer with air and mixing oxygen make the water softer

and fully to enjoy a comfortable washing

One button quick release easy cleaning

One button easy release, more convenient to take deepen cleaning

Slim and without tank

Concise appearance without tank, which flushes with flow water to

make it healthier and aseptic

slinky seamless welding seat

Two pieces seat seamless welding, no dead angle

looks more slinky

Anti-flame and antibacterial

Seat cover made from anti- flame material, which is anti-high and low

temperature. Selected materials make it innocuous and harmless to users


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