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V-shape Smart EBidet

The knob controls the flushing volume
Key control the seat and water temperature
Night light function
Bubble water flush
it's can use normal flushing when power outages
  • XE104

  • OEM

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 4

Product application

American V shape

Installment size: A=462+-27 B=155+-20

Range of static water pressure 0.1~0.75Mpa

Using tap water or drinking water

Adaptable voltage: 120V/ 220V(depending on the different region

Rate power: 960W

Type of heating: instant

waterproofing grade: IPX4

Coding information

Item code



Intelligent bidet/220v


Intelligent bidet/ 120v

Note: coding information is basic plastics option, you can select

metal affixes in affixes section

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 6

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 1Ametican V-shape smart bidet 2

7S3A57717S3A5761Ametican V-shape smart bidet 7

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 1

     The design purpose is to simply the current E-bidet functions and make every function modules customizable.  As per market study indicates those potential buyers indeed need a simple version E-bidet that affordable, but also could meet the customer real needs. Base on this purpose and our current manual bidet, we took this design idea acting on this direction.

     More importantly, the new design will still focus on practicability, safety, and simple operation. For the customizable functions, we add the temperature heating system including ring heating and ring heating functions at first stage. 

Light intelligent technology

Light Volume, Only 90mm high

Light function, instant water heater and seat heating

Light handle, one knob operation easy setting function

Light risk, mechanical replaces the electric system

Appearance design

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 6

 Effect with night-light module  

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 7

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 8

Flushing function

1. Rotate to left for bidet, right for wash function

2. During working process, turning button light on

lumos design)

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 9                        Heating function

1. Water temperature options:35°C,38℃C close prolonged sound

2.Ring temperature options: 29C,36C close prolonged sound

3. Self-cleaning 8s before water flushing

Ametican V-shape smart bidet 1Ametican V-shape smart bidet 2Ametican V-shape smart bidet 3Ametican V-shape smart bidet 4Ametican V-shape smart bidet 5


Design aim

1. Certification


Approved   by CQC CUPC   EGS   CB RCM SAA WaterMark

2. Rated   Power


3. Heating  way

Instant  heating

4.   Heating power


5. Water pressure


6. Water temperature    


7. Working temperature



0.7L/min(Under   0.18Mpa)

9. Waterproof


10. Temperature maintain

Outlet   water temperature variation within  2

√ Easy operate/  Single Button design can accomplish al

√ Slim design/ 9cm seat height only

√  Instant heating/Long time flushing with warm water.Switch at will, save the electricity power for family

√ Module design/Customizable for clients

√ Safe& reliable/Flushing function can still work without electricity 

√Flushing flow adjustable/Turning button to control

√ Bubble water flush/upgrade user flushing experience

√Anti- siphon technology/inside anti-siphon function, comply with CUPCcertificate.

Electric Heated Bidets 1

Wash/ bidet function

Flush by electricity power

Water temp options

Bubble water flush

Flow contro  

Anti- bacteria nozzle

Sef- cleaning function

Lumos light design

Seat ring heating design

Seat ring temperature options

Ant- bacteria seat ring

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