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Electric Heated Bidets Smart Bidet Seat B03 with Remote Control for V Shape Toilets

Electric Bidet Function:
Antibacterial seat
Feminine Cleansing nozzle
Air Dryer with Heating Option
Power Wash Massaging Mode
Heated Seat
Oscillating Wash Mode
for Back and Forth Cleansing
Built-In Nightlight
Posterior Cleansing Nozzle
Built-In Charcoal filter
Self Cleansing nozzle
Heated Water( Up to 1040F)
  • B03
  • OEM

RE: Function Description & Product Price
Function classification Items B03  (V model for kids)
Comfort Version
Primary Function Safety   Device
Instant heating
 Seat   heating
Posterior cleaning
 Feminine   cleaning
Massage water
 Push   button
Secondary Function  Drying
 Remote   control
Antibacterial seat
Advanced Function Atmosphere   lamp
Dazzle bright coating
LED Night light
cassette mechanism

Posterior cleaning                 Cleaning Posterior

Feminine cleaning                 Cleaning feminine body

Spray position adjusting       Adjust nozzle position to expand cleaning scope

Water flow adjusting            Adjust water flow

Massage cleaning                 The nozzle spray variable intensity water column to massage

Swing cleaning                      Swing back and forth to cleansing most area

Comfort functions

Seat heated      Heat seat and keep temperature

Dry warmly       Warm dry cleaned body parts

Temperature adjusting Adjusting temperature of water, seat or warm

Deodorization   Auto-deodorize after seated

Seat sensor Functions effective after seated

Soft close function Soft-closed toilet cover and seat

Prevent the low temperature scald  To prevent scalding users, the seat

temperature will decrease automatically after seated 1 5mins

Electric Smart Bidet Seat

Importing ceramic heating rod from Japan which two-circuit flow steadily, avoid light strobe.

Importing temperature sensor from Mitsubishi.

Importing chips from US which is accurate and reliable.

Importing reversing valve, avoid leakage.

Importing fan from Japan which is silent and  efficient.

Environmental and discolored material of ASA which is safe and durable.

Healthy antibacterial of ABS and nano varnish coating.

The seat is made of PP fire retardant material (V0 grade) which is antibacterial  and safe.

                                                          Replaceable nozzle

Electric Smart Bidet Seat 2   

Traditional products must be cleaned on the body and cannot be replaced.

This kind of products can be removed and cleaned, also can be replaced which is more health .

                                                   AIR HYBRID TECHNOLOGY FO FREQUENT CONVERSION MASSAGING

Electric Smart Bidet Seat 3

Air hybrid technology greatly supports frequent conversion rinsing.

The finely balanced water provides you faster and more satisfying toilet experience.

                                                                                 UPSIDE-DOWN CIRCUIT

Electric Smart Bidet Seat 4

Initiative circuit board inversion technique can 

effectively prevent internal water and wanter vapor eroding to improve the products lifetime.


Electric Smart Bidet Seat 5

Refuse the first cold water.

Long lasting heating,clean,anti-bacteria,always ready to use with warm touch.


Electric Smart Bidet Seat 43



One key intergrates multiple funtions:Posterior-cleaning,drying and feminine-cleaning.Adjusting water volume and wind temperature by pushing button and moving the nozzle.

Dimensional 3-D touch designed is convenient for senior people,the pregnant and children ti use the function keys withoout turning back.

Electric Heated Bidets Electric Heated Bidets

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