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Ultra-thin smart toilet cover

Hip wash
Women's washing
Mobile massage
Water temperature regulation
Nozzle position adjustment o
Children's washing
Water pressure regulation
Nozzle self cleaning
Nozzle disassembly and cleaning
Antibacterial nozzle
Quick disassembly
Inlet filter
Deodorization (optional)
Seat ring antibacterial
Water temperature sensor, thermostat, temperature fuse, overtemperature water cut-off protection
(6) safety protection
Grounding protection and leakage protection device
Cover plate: ASA material, PP material
Seat ring heating
Seat temperature adjustment
Slow down cover plate
Night light intelligent, handle control
Induction seat (capacitive induction)
Drying (optional)
Air temperature adjustment (optional)
Continuous warm water flushing
Mixed steam flushing
Control mode handle
Eco energy saving mode
  • V3205

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 12

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 1

Independent research and development technology system,ultra-thin design,the

overall height is only 112mm.Simple and modern design style,widened V-shaped

contour,small size,wildly matched with domestic V-shaped contour toilet.Instant

hot water wash

Operation method:handle

Key color:white

Overall size:517*447*112mm

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 2

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 3

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 9

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 5

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 8

appearance advantage -thin and light

The overall height of the cover is thinner.The height of the whole machine is only 112mm,while the size

of most intelligent split machines on the market is mainly concentrated in the height of 130~140mm.

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 7

Advantage -good Wide applicability

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 8

Fully layered structure,the size of the ceramic mounting

surface is only 508mm,and the length is short,

Compatible with most V-shaped toilets on the market.

Advantage -good Wide applicability

The front-end widened arc-shaped contour line is compatible with most

domestic V-shaped contour toilets,avoiding the exposed edge of

the toilet and making the seating more comfortable.

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 5

Waterproof handle better operating experience

The operation mode of this machine adopts waterproof buttons,which is lighter in hand

and has a better experience.

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 11

The operation mode of this machine adopts waterproof buttons,which is lighter in hand

and has a better experience.

Sitting comfort

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 3

The rear shell and the seat ring have an integral curved surface,

which is neat and flat,with no obvious hygienic dead corners,and is easy to clean.

The sitting surface is smooth and the overall curved surface,the

sitting feeling is soft and comfortable,and the inner ringsize reaches 305*200mm,which can be suitable for users of most body shapes.

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 9

V3205 seat ring and upper cover are fully layered design,the front-end sittingsurface is wider,and there are more supporting surfaces,reducing saggingand numb legs,making it more comfortable to sit for a long time.

Appearance advantage comparison -size

  Universality of seating space

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 9

Differences:There is no height difference between the V3205 sitting surface and the rear shell.There is a height difference of about40mm between the rear end of the competing seat ring and the rear shell.The rear end has a small sitting space and will withstand the rear of the buttocks,which is not suitable for users with fatter bodies.


Curved optimized boom away from dirt

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 5

The first curved spray rod Compared with the straight spray rod,the curved spray rod is farther away from the sewage during the cleaning process,and the spray rod is not easy to stick to dirt and is more hygienic.

Comparison of the extension distance of the five gear of the boom The fifth-speed extension distance of the boom is compared with the actual measurement of V3205:V3205 is farther away from the splash point of dirt

According to the market response and the consideration of hygiene,the "arc-shaped spray bar"is designed to optimize the cleaning range,so that the spray bar does not have to be extended too much and can still achieve the same flushing effect.Use the spray bar to keep away from dirt during use.It's more hygienic.

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 16

Appearance advantage comparison size

Light effect design

z新建文本文档20220826 (9) 

The V3205 interface has a green light,and the night light adopts warm

white light,and the light effect at night is more pure and peaceful.

Fully layered C-surface design more convenient and hygienic to use

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 2

Appearance comparison with somecompeting products

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 1

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 1

The height of V3205 is 112mm,which is significantly lower than that of competing products.It is visually thinner and has a simpler shape,which is more suitable for bathroom spaces with modern decorative styles.

332 1

Different from the threaded water inlet pipes of similarproducts on the market,this machine adopts the in-linetype and clamps to fix the water inlet pipes,which makesthe disassembly and assembly more convenient and quick.

z新建文本文档20220826 (16)

Capacitive seating sensors are embedded in the seat ring

to intelligently identify whether someone is sittingon the seat ring.Avoid misoperation causing thenozzle to spray water randomly when no one isseated.


Heating tube

Ultra-thin smart toilet cover 1

Anti-freeze crack

z新建文本文档20220826 (20)

Functional principle:Water freezes in 0 weather,increases involume and expands,which will put pressure on the plastic wall andcause the plastic wall to rupture.The anti-freeze cracking functionof our company is achieved by ingenious design on the instant hotcomponents.At present,few brands on the market have this

advantage.Target direction:logistics and transportation,when theroom temperature is low and the user does not use it for a longtime.

未2 标题-1

The unique patented slow-down and slow-down mechanism cover

has superior slow-down performance;the ultrasonic weldingsealing method kills the screw-locked and sealed slow-downdevice group in the market in terms of preventing oil leakageand preventing functional failure.

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