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touchless toilet flush with Push Buttom QBA-W

Small and chic,flush the toilet at the touch of a button
It is convenient for the elderly,children,
and pregnant women to flush without bending over
Product parameters
Button launch distance: 5 meters
flush times after battery installation: 11000 Times
to be pressed for pairing: When matching, press the button again until the host's red light stays on (press about 30times) The red light stays on, the driver stretches up and down, Explaining the pairing is successful.
the number of buttons are able to paire: 10 groups, and the 11th group will cover the 1st group, and so on.
The battery used for the button: button lithium battery CR2032/3V 210mA/H
The battery used by the host: 6 AA batteries ( 3 in series and 2 in parallel) 4.5V
  • QBA-W

  • OEM

Detail-10Wireless Toilet Flush with Push Buttom QBO-W 20

Wireless Toilet Flush with Push Buttom QBO-W 5![Wireless Toilet Flu![Wireless Toilet Flush with Push Buttom QBO-W 6![](https://a3.leadonWireless Toilet Flush with Push Buttom QBO-W 17

Wireless Toilet Flush with Push Buttom QBO-W 4

Uppressure toilet selection in combination set

Up pressing button+Flush button+The host

On the door On the table

Kick and flush without bending

Take care of your family from now on

We can help you

with all these problems

Button at will Flush without bending、

Put it where you want

Kick a little flush (50%water volume)

Long kick 1 second big flush(Water volume 100%)

Intelligent induction to distinguish

between large and small water

The large flush is 100%of the water in the tank

The small flush is 50%of the water in the tank

Small and chic,flush the toilet at the touch of a button

It is convenient for the elderly,children,

and pregnant women to flush without bending over

When you are old,it is inconvenient to bend over.How can you minimize the bending of the elderly?

Elderly people generally have osteoporosis,and some have a series of symptoms such as lumbar disc herniation

and lumbar muscle strain.

How does pregnant mother bend and turn inconvenient to do?

During pregnancy,expectant mothers havea big belly,the fetus presses on the bladder,and urinates frequently.Some pregnant mothersgo to the toilet more than 50 times a day,and itis inconvenient to bend over,tiptoe,turn around,and a series of inconveniences.

1)  My unit did not require any pairing.  I just installed the batteries and it worked.  Was this unit already paired?  Will the pairing process for the production units still require the 10 – 20 presses of the tranmitter button to pair as previously explained?

Answer: The Signal  has been matched before leaving the our factory. However, if there is a Signal drop, it needs to be re-matched as described in the manual.

2) How long does the transmitter button need to be held to activate the full #2 flush?

Answer: Press the button once time for half flush; keep pressing for 1 second or more is full flush.

3) With the #1 half flush cycle, the actuator lever runs smoothly to the top and back down in about 8 seconds, very good.  But with the #2 full flush cycle, the actuator lever runs smoothly to the top, but then jams and stalls for a few seconds and then back down,  Is that normal?  I am worried that this will strain and damage the actuator?

Answer: It is a normal phenomenon. There are no cases currently on the market that are broken due to this reason. Because considering the difference in voltage before and after the battery is used,

it is to make it work normally under the low voltage  when the battery is about to run out.

4) The disassembly and reassembly of the transmitter is a little tricky, so I will need a better line drawing than previously supplied in the factory manual showing the components of the transmitter.  As I work on the instructions, I will show you what I need.

Answer: Then let us know what line drawing you need, and we will provide it according to your need.

5) On the production units, what is the testing procedure for the transmitter, receiver and actuator motor?

Answer: First install the battery and power on (if  signal matching is required, match as described in the manual), plug in the driver cable, and then press the button to check whether the operation is normal.

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