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Smmart Water Controller Automatic Watering Device

  • XT-06

XT-06 Automatic watering device -

Smmart water Controller

Automatic watering device

Water accurately according to water demand

Water can be watered through mobile App anytime and anywhere

Two modes

Control watering by water capacity

Control watering by time

Recycle irrigation

Circulating irrigation

according to water consumptionr

Circulate irrigation

according to the time used

Timing of irrigation

Timing cycle water

Single watered regularly

Watering record

Monthly consumption and usage time

Single water consumption and time

One machine multi-purpose

applied to a variety of scenarios

With different sprinklers to apply to different scenes

More than a dozen simple functions

to your plant intelligent watering care

Remote control  Flow control  Recycling Usage

irrigation  statistics

Water your garden anytime, anywhere

Interface modularization

Flow control》

An intelligent controller that can water

water by the liter. Precise control of watering quantity, reduce water waste.

Controlled by water capacity

Cllck the watering capacity to set the amount of water used, for example, set 10

liters and open the intelligent water valve for watering. When the irrigation water

reaches 10 liters. the intelligent water valve will automatically close. Controlled by watering time

Click the watering time to set the watering time. For example, set the watering time for

5 minutes. open the water valve for water-ing, and automatically close the intelligent

water width when the irrigation time reach-es 5 minutes.

Recycling irrigation

Click on the watering capacity, set the

amount of watering each time, enter the number of cycles and the interval time

of watering each time. When watering is turned on, the irrigation system will exe-

cute the circular irrigation instruction according to the amount of water used.

《Timing of irrigation

Set Start Time

Set the time to open the water valve

Set Timing Content

Watering capacity:

Set watering amount single watering

Set each watering amount- circulation

irrigation adjustmentcirculation times

→ interval time

Watering time:

※ Setting time→ single watering

Set the watering time of each time

the number of irrigation cycles at an inter-


Set watering datesunday

Choose watering days frassssom Monday

to Sunday

Save- Plan to create successfully

Water statistics

Monthly Watering Statistics

Total monthly usage time.

Summarize the monthly water usage.Watering history

Record the specific time of opening the water valve

Record the length and amount of water used for each time.

1. The role of the gateway: a gateway connects two network segments using

different transport protocols. The function is to translate and convert the data

using different transmission protocols in two network segments.

2.Does the smart automatic watering device have to be equipped with a gateway before

it can be used?

A: Yes, our watering device uses a radio signal protocol, which is different from

WiFi, so we need a gateway for data conversion and transmission.

3. About APP: Using smart life or Tuya Smart APP, you can search and download in

the APP store. Our manual has a QR code configuration. you can scan the code to

download, too.

4.In order to meet the needs of different customers, our company produces smart

watering devices with three wireless protocolsrf433/zigbee/Bluetooth. Different

protocols must be equipped with their corresponding gateways.

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