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Bidet Toilet Seat Round X02B1

Bidet Toilet Seat Round Features Modern appearance with slim design Installation same as normal toilet seat, easy and better fitting One knob control, simple and convenience Adjustable water pressure from soft to strong just for comfortable Nozzle self-cleaning Dual nozzle for rear feminine Friendly price with comfortable and enjoyment experience
  • X02B1

  • OEM

For our Bidet toilet seat round, at the first looking, you may see that it is just a average normal toilet seat cover, however, it is not correct. this bidet seat round keep the features of normal toilet seat cover and also bring bidet the washing function, which can bring customer more comfortable experience than traditional toilet seat cover and bring everyone every day's hygienic feeling with different functions of self-cleaning nozzle, dual nozzle for rear & feminine wash and adjustable water pressure, and the big diffference with all Bidet toilet seat round in the current market is that the toilet seat design are same as classic normal toilet seat, the bidet toilet seat round advantages 

1, appearance,

2, simple installation 

3, soft close function

4, affordable price for everyone.       

Item number   X02B1
Material  PP+Stainless steel
Bidet seat Shape Round design
Color  White color
Dimension 443(L)x426W)X67.5(H)mm
Installation size 415-429mmX136-164mm
Water supply  T-Valve Directly connect with water supply
Water supply pressure request 0.08-0.8MPA(11.6-116PSI)
Cleaning Spray flow 0.5-2.5l/MIN

Bidet nozzle

1, Dual nozzle sprayer for the rear wash and Female wash

2, Guard nozzle to make sure the Nozzzle clean

3, Nozzle Self Cleaning.

One handle operation

1, for rear wash and female wash and stop

2, Bidet seat nozzle self clean

3, Adjustable water pressure

4 , Reduce cost from the mold tooling. which bring good price to partner.

Bidet Toilet Seat Round 7

Bidet Toilet Seat Round 44

Bidet Toilet Seat Round 31

Connect parts Fitting parts

1 Brass T-valve with washer

2, 0.8m ss braided hose

3, User Manual


Bidet Toilet Seat Round 8

Bidet toilet seat round 1

Bidet Toilet Seat Round 7

Bidet toilet seat round 1Bidet toilet seat round 2Bidet toilet seat round 5Bidet toilet seat round 3Bidet toilet seat round 4Bidet toilet seat round 6

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