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Plastic Cold Water Bidet Attachment with Adjustable Nozzle X3201-30

Water flow control
Nozzle replaceable
Moveable nozzle
Easy installation
Self Cleaning
  • X3201-30

  • OEM

Cold water Bidet Attachment 8

Cold Water Bidet Attachmen


Cold water Bidet Attachment 1

                                                                         Auto Self Cleaning

Retractable Nozzle

Nozzle is Washed before and after each use automatically.

Nozzle Angle Adjuster

Using the Adjuster Lever you can change the position instantly


Cold water Bidet Attachment 6
Cold water Bidet Attachment 7
Cold water Bidet Attachment 8

1,Spraying direction adjustable around 2 degree can work hip and female washing with one nozzle

2,Adjustable steering fixing board universal to all toilets hole rangefrom: 126-206mm Horizontal, 40-90mm Vertical
3,Knob switch, left and right rotation can adjustable the water of flow and self-cleaning
4, Nozzle replaceable, Self cleaning

Accessories list

T connector *1pc

Supply pipe *1 pc

Sprayer nozzle *1 pc

Substitution nozzle *1pc

Cold water Bidet Attachment 4
Cold water Bidet Attachment 5

Bidet Attachment Cold Water 2Bidet Attachment Cold Water 1


Plastic Cold Water Bidet Attachment 1
Plastic Cold Water Bidet Attachment 2

Plastic Cold Water Bidet Attachment 3Plastic Cold Water Bidet Attachment 4

Assembly Instruction

T3201-30 bidet with cold

Please double check if the clamping ring assemble to the

correct position

If the clamping ring falll off, pls reassemble it to the correct

position according to the pictures

It is assembling into position when clockwise rotating to

the end, and pull out nozzle without any movement

Disassemble the toilet seat and save all toilet seat parts

To ensure if the dimension of a

B is inside the assembly scope? I

yes, continue the next step

1.To position correctly the assembly panel of bidet to the

toilet assembly holes

2. To assemble the toilet seat hinge into bidet assembly

panel. Adjust the assembly position a little bit to ensure no

interference when dialing the dial button

3. Then assemble the toilet seat

Turn off the angle valve, and then flush out all the water in

the tank

Assemble the three T-joint to position like picture showing

Choose the right assembly parts according to the

relative assembly diagram

To assemble the braided hose to the water inlet end

of bidet and turn tight

1. Put the plastic nut and fixing nut

through the hose

2. Inset three T-Joint and bidet inlet end

separately into two ends of hose

3. screw tight the nut

Adjust the knob according to the picture showing, turn on

the angle valve, and then check if any leaking happening

in each connector

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