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EN1717 Non-Electric Round Bidet Toilet Seats X0622

Round Shape Bidet Seat
Double Nozzle
Soft Closed Bidet Toilet Seat
Super Slim
Modern Design
Simple Stylish
Material: Pp
Easy To Install And Remove
Quiet-Close Lid Closes Slowly And Quietly
Convinient Side-Mounted Knob For Quick Cleaning
  • X0622
  • OEM

Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seats 2

Round Bidet Toilet Seats

Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seats 4
Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seats 5
Round Bidet Toilet Seats

Appearance -Elongated

Super slim

Modern design

Simple stylish

Weight: 1.7KG

Material: Pp


Universal joint

Well fit for most ceramics

Control way: Knob

Posterior cleaning:


Feminine cleaning


Self-cleaning: Start self

cleaning before choosing

Posterior and feminine cleanIng

Upper washing water by adjustable knob

Double nozzle for posterior and

Feminine cleaning

Functions freely switch by fashion Knob

One button for Quick release

Soft close


Bidet seat with AIR GAP structure

air gap

Round Shape Bidet Seat Size

O shape

bidet toilet seats installation

Posterior Cleaning

Feminine Cleaning


1. Please do not use abrasive cleaners for product

2. Please do not bend, twist and damage the hose. otherwise it may cause the product leakage

3. Please make sure to sit on the seat before you turn on the Knob for functions, avoid to get wet

4. The product has been test by water before out, it is normal if dropping out little amount of water when taking out product

Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 8
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 7
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 11
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 1
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 2
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 3
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 4
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 5
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 10
Round Shape Bidet Seat Size 6

bidet accessories 1
bidet accessories 2bidet accessories 3


Accessories for UK ,Australia market.
bidet accessories

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